How might we better value biodiversity, ecological heath and ecosystem services in our agrifood system?
Why is farmland biodiversity loss a food system issue that we can't afford to lose sight of?
More on 'good farming', sustainable land use and social change with Dr Lee-Ann Sutherland
with Dr Lee-Ann Sutherland, Director of the James Hutton Institute's International Land Use Study Centre.
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Working for landscape-scale change
As we reach the end of the 2021 monitoring season, the Scottish Farmer Cluster took some time to meet and discuss their plans for 2022.
As the project works to establish Farmer Clusters across its regions, we caught up with Dr Niamh McHugh at GWCT to discuss one way new clusters can…
Jess Brooks, farmland advisor at the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, UK, reflects on farmers as an audience for biodiversity.
with project co-ordinator, Dr Graham Begg, James Hutton Institute
Welcome to Framework At Work by me, The Framework Project. Working towards biodiversity-sensitive farming. Funded by the European Union’s Horizon…